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Sunday, July 25, 2010

the house bunny

i'm the house bunny. yep.

fine, this isn't a time to be joking around. so i just watched the house bunny on television and even though it's one of the most hilarious films i've ever watched, there's something really meaningful addressed in the story. i know this is the corniest shit ever, but "don't judge a book by its cover" is so true. you never know who you're with until you really get to know them. i think that's something i've achieved with most of my closest friends but i want to learn that about everyone and be the nicest bitch ever to people.

*update: SALT was amazing! i love angelina jolie, so, so much. and that movie talks about trusting people. you can never trust anyone completely. at all. you never know who you are dealing with, always keep that in mind, and also, always keep a part of you to yourself unless it's your life partner or something.


Sunday, July 18, 2010


the movie was amazing. fucking amazing.

so the movie talks about dreams. then dreams within a dream. then dreams within a dream within a dream. intense. 

two things:
1) i love joseph gordon levitt.
2) i love ellen page.

it questions what reality is. the film revolves around going into a dream with your conscious to live a life that you wouldn't be able to live in "reality". the twists to the story make the long film a true blockbuster, and the ending leaves the audience hanging on the question "what is reality?"

so what is it? my over-studious english tutor would always question me what reality is, and how do you know what you're living is reality. after all, the things you see are just the energy reflected off the object. how do we know what we are living in is reality? 

there have been tons of theories suggested by lots of philosophers such as existentialism, humanism, and relativism, but the one i agree with is humanism. it's the belief that humans on our own can act morally without a god, and that all humans are intrinsically good. it doesn't matter if we were raised without parents or in a violent family; that's no excuse to go around killing people. humanism explains the consequential difference of your actions- and with no belief in afterlife, it gives people the right to live however they want without worrying about any consequences. 

inspirational pictures from Rob Woodcox:



Wednesday, July 14, 2010


it's inevitable. it's horrific. and at times, it's unexpected.

yesterday i was stalking a hot distant friend of mine on fb. i saw he was tagged in a photo, and next to him was his brother. i clicked into his brother's profile and i did some more stalking. after a while, when i started showing some friends about this hottie, and suddenly there was a weird status from the hottie. "My friend, My roll model.....My brother.....I Love You." my mind blanked out. shit. shit shit shit. shitfuckers. that's horrible. that's fucking hell. i realized the guy i had just stalked was dead.

over the next 24 hours, there's been over 6 pages of wall posts of hearts and "stay strong" and "you and your family are in my prayers". that is seriously fucking sad. i can't even begin to imagine the pain. what would you do if your sibling died (no cursing intended). i know i would be crushed if any family or friend of mine passed away.

anyways, i just wanted to post this and to tell everyone reading this to make the most of life and cherish the moments you have with your family and friends because you never know what will happen tomorrow, and know that i love all of you!

rip james sprake.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

formspring + lookbook.

the internet. vast, resourceful, dangerous.
seriously, the internet is just fucking amazing. it's got everything. i love exploring the new sites and blogs that people put up because each and every one of them have different stories / different purposes. recently i've joined lookbook & formspring. feel free to follow me and ask me anything you want! (i'll answer all of them honestly)


because my lookbook widget isn't working, i'll just post the photos here.

Picture 089
Picture 092
Picture 186
Picture 193
Picture 205


oh, and i'm fking pissed at Spain for winning Germany.

xox david

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


the other day at jasmine's sleepover, me, her, and rene all snuck out of her house to take photos around the mountain. these were some of jasmine's best shots :)

Sleepless Tonight
Picture 151
Picture 333
Picture 411
Picture 168

happy belated birthday to america & jasmine!

xox david

Sunday, July 4, 2010

pon de camera

Picture 102
rene's new holga 120n from urban outfitters which she customized herself. nice!

xox david