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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


it's inevitable. it's horrific. and at times, it's unexpected.

yesterday i was stalking a hot distant friend of mine on fb. i saw he was tagged in a photo, and next to him was his brother. i clicked into his brother's profile and i did some more stalking. after a while, when i started showing some friends about this hottie, and suddenly there was a weird status from the hottie. "My friend, My roll model.....My brother.....I Love You." my mind blanked out. shit. shit shit shit. shitfuckers. that's horrible. that's fucking hell. i realized the guy i had just stalked was dead.

over the next 24 hours, there's been over 6 pages of wall posts of hearts and "stay strong" and "you and your family are in my prayers". that is seriously fucking sad. i can't even begin to imagine the pain. what would you do if your sibling died (no cursing intended). i know i would be crushed if any family or friend of mine passed away.

anyways, i just wanted to post this and to tell everyone reading this to make the most of life and cherish the moments you have with your family and friends because you never know what will happen tomorrow, and know that i love all of you!

rip james sprake.



  1. R.I.P. james...


  2. i love your new music
    i'm so sad now... i love my grandparents and they're all getting old

    hehe and more-mattew west is a CHRISTIAN SONG