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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

taste the ink

second group of models. designs by louis kang
thanks for the fun times during the photoshoot,


Sunday, June 27, 2010

defying gravity

Defying Gravity
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jasmine in her room with a lovely collection of chace crawford, chanel, and dior posters in the background. this was when we watched dorothy at her house. the movie sucked. a lot.

and i hate ghana for winning usa :(

Saturday, June 26, 2010

on a summer's day

hey y'all, 
sorry i've been really busy and also too lazy to get up and blog. but you can't really blame me for making fifa sooo addicting. "i love fifa for providing me with eye candy" -coco fong. :) 

well, a few days ago i went to bai sha wan with my homies but i'm just going to pretend it's today so it's easier to blog about. well at first, i wasn't allowed to go because it was an unsupervised trip to a beach with random strangers and lots of random gangsters. but then, i lied to my parents and told them i was going to a birthday party. this made me consider what my life would be like if i hadn't been tricking my parents about almost everything. scary.

anyways, on the trip there, we met four super cute gay guys and magically, they were also on our bus back! it makes me really jealous to see them together because i know i'll probably never have that until i get to college because my school is just that lame. but whatever. we had a lot of fun at the beach, but it wasn't actually that fun. it's really nothing compared to laguna beach, or any other beach in california. there wasn't much sun to tan, so we were in the water most of the time. it sucked. really. i hate it when we come out of the water and sand always sticks onto you. and at the end, we had to pay 20nt for a ghetto-ass shower room that provided us with freezing water and naked fat men walking around. thanks a lot.

the only good thing about it was being with friends and eating smoked sausages. my love. they are so goddamn delicious!

thanks guys <3

Sunday, June 13, 2010

paper catálogo

hey y'all! haven't written anything for about a week now, and that's cuz these days have been so hectic, with me balancing my sleep time with hangout time, family time, and FIFA time! well two days ago, me and some buds went to louis' house for a sleepover. it was fun and we baked a betty crocker classic yellow cake mix with vanilla frosting and cocoa mix! exciting, exciting, exciting. the next morning, we all woke up at 5 (i didn't sleep at all) and the models did their make-up and we went up to louis' horse stable to take photos. it was a blast. seriously.




thanks guys for picking me to take the photos! i had a lot of fun, and louis, your dresses are seriously amazing. keep working hard on it!

*louis' facebook
*laureen's lookbook

Monday, June 7, 2010


last night was the funnest night of my life, thanks to louis, kaho, claire, jasmine, and everyone else! last night was louis & kaho's combined 15th birthday party, which they called "débutante". it was hosted at louis' hotel. the buffet was delicious, everyone was well-dressed, the runway of louis' dresses were amazing, and the dancing was crazy!

louis' amazing newspaper dresses:

during the party, we played a crazy game of assassin (inspired by gossip girl) through the 9-12th floor of the hotel. at the end, this game didn't work because everyone was friends with each other, and it was like a whole floor of truce. (thanks weian & a little bit of kevin lee!) finally, weian won and he got a baby scooter-chair thing. 

after the party, me and jas went to claire's house for a sleepover. although there were tensions about whether or not charlie should let jasmine go because there will be a guy there (me), everything worked out and we had a lot of fun taking webcam pics, eating "lucky charms" with hershey's chocolate sauce, and hiding jasmine's rings. 

thanks for this whole party, louis & kaho! love you guys, how y'all had as much fun as i did! my eyes hurt like shit now because of the lack of sleep. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

flash delirium

today was the first day of summer! i was very happy with my grades, but my parents aren't- not surprising. i think most asian parents make their children work so hard in school that if the student never actually is happy with their grade if their parents aren't. that ain't right gurrl! but whatever, at least my parents don't electrocute me if i get an A- like some parents do. just kidding! maybe.

anyways, today i hung out with the 'azn' group (no offense), which is maxine, rene, claire, steven, calvin, johan, perry, & kaston. we went to ktv down at partyworld, and i wasn't as bored as i thought i'd be since there were slutty english music including britney spears & lady gaga. there, i got to take a lot of photos, whether it's camhoeing or not! i used mostly flash and i played around with the shutter speed to get some trippy-to-the-max photos! oh, and the food there was yummaaaaaaaaay!

thanks y'all, today was really fun. hope we can do this again over summer!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

bacon carbonara with a hint of summer

Today was my last hangout with all the noobs with Jasmine & Nicole. This makes me really sad. Ugh. 

First, we ate beef noodle at the famous Zhang Mama! Then, we went bowling at the Yuan-Shan Bowling Alley, which is a place I haven't visited for like, 2 years? Good 6th grade field trip memories. Bowling was so much fun! It was so chill, and I realized I am quite the pro at it! Haha, just kidding; I'm noob compared to Mitchell and Ian. 

After that, we went to get frozen yogurt at Yogurt Art, my favorite snacking stop! We spent a while there and then the girls shopped a while and I was bored to death (no offense!). I realize that I can't really complain about it because it isn't exactly their fault. As long as they don't spend two hours shopping, I can't do anything about it. It's my choice to hang out with them, so I shouldn't be complaining. 

For dinner, Claire the smartie recommended Mojo! (which Cheryl previously recommended) The food there was amazing. I seriously wish I could make food like that myself! - added to list of things to do during Summer '10! The way you order is breathtaking; the menu is intergrated onto your table through a projector! Amazing, amazing, amazingness. 

Tomorrow is officially the last day of school! Thank God for that! Thanks for all the wonderful memories this year, everyone!  & 

*Mojo:, 2711-1826
*All photos are taken by me.