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Monday, June 7, 2010


last night was the funnest night of my life, thanks to louis, kaho, claire, jasmine, and everyone else! last night was louis & kaho's combined 15th birthday party, which they called "débutante". it was hosted at louis' hotel. the buffet was delicious, everyone was well-dressed, the runway of louis' dresses were amazing, and the dancing was crazy!

louis' amazing newspaper dresses:

during the party, we played a crazy game of assassin (inspired by gossip girl) through the 9-12th floor of the hotel. at the end, this game didn't work because everyone was friends with each other, and it was like a whole floor of truce. (thanks weian & a little bit of kevin lee!) finally, weian won and he got a baby scooter-chair thing. 

after the party, me and jas went to claire's house for a sleepover. although there were tensions about whether or not charlie should let jasmine go because there will be a guy there (me), everything worked out and we had a lot of fun taking webcam pics, eating "lucky charms" with hershey's chocolate sauce, and hiding jasmine's rings. 

thanks for this whole party, louis & kaho! love you guys, how y'all had as much fun as i did! my eyes hurt like shit now because of the lack of sleep. 

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  1. Awwwww.... thank you so much for creating this page with so many good memories from...two days ago (: