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Thursday, May 27, 2010

THE American Idol

Hey y'all,

In case any of you haven't heard, Lee Dewyze is this year's American Idol!
Honestly, I KNEW he was going to win! Frankly, it was obvious when it came top Top 3 of who was going to win. Lee clearly stood out as he always had something new and different to bring on stage.

1) He is soooooooo cute
2) His voice is amazing- and no, it's not the same with David Cook's!
3) He knows his stuff! He knew all the artists mentioned and mentoring on American Idol
4) His "Hallelujah" on Top 3 Week was simply amazing (watch here)

Watching American Idol has taught me a huge lesson. Looking at all those hundreds of thousands of people auditioning and a mere few hundred have made the first cut. After many eliminating rounds, they finally come down to the Top 24. Everyone excluding these 24 have been easily forgotten already. To make it up to the Top 24 takes huge talent, courage, and luck. It takes huge courage to audition for this, and maybe even pull a "Pants on the Ground" like General Larry did! It takes huge talent to get across Hollywood Week, when they had to work in groups and everything! Last of all, it takes luck when America votes for you. If you're as lucky as Katie Stevens (one of my favorites), you've got most of the votes from your school.

This reminds me about the fact that friends > grades. You can always depend on your friends to do you good in life, but when it comes down to grades, there are always people that are better than you. It's not about whether you had the highest GPA in your senior year or if you were ClassGov President in Freshman Year; it's how successful you are at the end. Luck plays a huge role in everyone's lives, and so far, it hasn't come my way yet. All in all, for all those people out there cramming for end-of-the-year exams, SCREW IT! 
There are two types of students:
1) Students that listen in class
2) Students that don't listen in class

If you're a student that listens in class, then DON'T EVEN BOTHER STUDYING! You already know all that's going to be on the test! 
If you're a student that doesn't listen in class, well, I'll ask you this: why are you studying right now? Either be a full-time student or don't even bother at all! 
Ultimately, good luck on all your exams! Hopefully my parents won't kill me.

Kris Allen's Visiting Performance on this year's Finale!

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  1. i alway love reaidng your posts! you always manage to put a fun tone into seroius things. and totes right! listen in class it really helps, and i'm being a HUGE hypocrite right now!

    i'm really happy lee won! he really deserves it, he's not one of the those singers that have only one voice, but he can pull off all different kinds of music, very versatile (not sure if thts how you use it)

    and yea friend ARE very important, you sound like malcolm gladwell, from the outliars, what you say in a few sentecne was what he was trying to prove to us in his book. please read it (:

    with lots of love rene~