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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Three Day Weekend!

So, this weekend we have a three-day weekend because of some PD (Professional Development) Day on Monday (never got what those are for). I had a lot of fun this weekend so far!
Yesterday, I went to Xi Men Ding with Steven and Calvin. It was amaaazing! I think going to TAS and having a western education in Taiwan really prevented me from going to places like that (no offense in any way). Anyhow, I'm so glad they took me there! We went to a really nice shop and all bought some stuff, I bought a pair of light blue jeans yay! Afterwards, we went back to Tienmu to watch Robinhood with Claire and Kaston. The movie sucked, but the fact that it was long made it really relaxing.
Although this Friday went by really well, I still wanted to go watch Pitbull perform in Taiwan! Me and Claire were going to go, but tickets sold out really fast :(

Today, after my English class, I went to ACC to watch a movie in the TV room with Jasmine, Nicole, Bui, Weian, and Mitchell. The movie was Semi-Pro and there was nothing pro about it at all...Also, the whole time, a little girl kept coming in and whining about how she wanted to use the movie room. It was so fucking annoying! We had the room booked until 5, and she kept coming in at 4. She even said her dad's a giant and will come and stomp on all of us and we'll die. whatthefuck. Little kids are so fucking annoying sometimes, but I'm sure my perception will change when I grow up. At the end, we let her use the room at 4:30 and she kept going like "HAHA" at us when we left. Annoying, annoying, annoying!
Afterwards, me, Jasmine, and Nicole went to the sports banquet at Ambassador Hotel. It was really really long, but the food was amazing! I got two awards- one for Cross Country, and the other for Track & Field. Getting these weren't awesome or anything because everyone who did a sport got one of these, btw. 

I look forward to going to Andie Creager's birthday party on Monday! It's at an amusement park, and I love love love Pirate Ships! Woo!

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