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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dearest Mosquito Hunter

Dearest Mosquito Hunter,

Gurrrl, I will miss your mosquito-catching skills! Oh jk, WE'LL BE SPENDING SUMMER '10 TOGETHER!!!! HELL YEAH BITCH!! I'm so excited! We'll be playing with my new noob french bulldog! (or whatever dog I get). We'll run our asses off and go to Jack's with the noobs~

Anyways, let's get down to business. 
Rene, you've been an inspiration to me; always seemlessly making everyone laugh while being your true self! I love the late night talks we have when neither of us finished the homework. I love playing intense halo with you and hearing you yell loudly every few seconds. I love omegling hot guys with you and watching hot old fat men jack off-jk! I loved playing balloono with you and the hot Italian fucker that looks like Joe Jonas! I loved playing intense runescape with you during english class! I love examining our favorite hottie in english class, AND WHENEVER WE SEE HIM WE AUTOMATICALLY LOOK AT EACH OTHER AND LAUGH OUR ASSES OFF! <- mindfreak! 

Thanks for always listening to whatever it is that I have to complain about. Thanks for never judging me about anything. Thanks for always putting up with my "Gurrrl, I will CUT YOU" black phrases. Thanks for making my flickr photo your desktop wallpaper! Thanks for everything gurrrl!

(ii) (ii) xoxo

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  1. to my dearest diva dave (:
    we totes share a lot of memories and i'm soo happy to have you as a friend. Thank you for making school so fun, seoirulsy you're one of those that make me go on a laughing marathon ehehe!

    love you lots, and keep blogggin!
    can't wait to play with your french bulldog!