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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bitch Please

Hello world,
This is my first post on this blog, and I'm going to talk about something that has been bothering me for two weeks now and will most definitely in my entire sophomore year.

A couple weeks back, we had ClassGov elections. I chose to run for President, along with 6 other strong candidates. During any election, we all know asking people to vote for you is a natural habit, right? Well, a candidate was talking to my friend about the elections, and said "la piao" (asking people to vote for you) is something he doesn't believe in. By the way, this sprung out of nowhere!
Here's the chat:
*Note: "me" is my friend, not me!

10:50 PM ---: hey
 me: haiii
10:51 PM ---: did you vote yet?
  apparently this year
  people are voting earlier
 me: not yet~ im sutdying
 ---: u in rene's class?
 me: nopeeee
 ---: oh btw not asking u to vote for me
 i dont believe in la piao
 did u la piao?
 me: lawls
  its okay
10:52 PM no who cares abou tit
  people already
  who to vote for~
  so ill just go with the flow
 ---: haha yeah thats true
  david and jjp
 me: what happened?
 ---: went to go la piao
The chat may not sound like a big deal to you, but it just appeared to me as random and kind of whatthefuck.Whether I go around asking people to vote for me or not is none of his fucking business, and even if I do, there's nothing wrong about it. Because of that, we got into a fight. He kept saying that it was just a "passing comment" and I was overlooking it. I'm not overlooking anything if my name is mentioned in a negative fucking context. Later, because so many people suggested me to do so, I dropped it because it actually isn't that big of a deal. 
I ended up in the final round with the Top 3, so thanks everyone who voted! During the final round, I was asking people to vote for me and one guy said, "if you asked me earlier, I would've voted for you, but --- already asked me."
Not only does this make him a hypocrite, but also a liar. A "passing comment" huh? Right. I didn't have a fight with him about this because if I pick a fight with him, it would mean I lose. However, if he knows I know about him la-piaoing himself and I don't show it, that would mean I win. My current status: winning.

Anyways, that's just a little "background" about the process of the election. Drama is my life here, and honestly, I love it! Turns out, the guy I've been bitching at the whole time won the election. From this, I've learned that I've gotta let things go sometimes. Even though I let the "part 2" go, I caused the drama in part 1, and by doing that, I lose.

Here's my election poster:


  1. David...please delete this.

  2. everyone knows that you are talking about justin, so why not just address him? why be such a coward?

  3. Since everyone knows who it is, then it doesn't matter if I write his name or not.

    And why the hell does it concern you, bitch? You're the only coward here putting yourself as anonymous.

    i wrote the first one though!!!